Essays Dissent Poetry Corner
  1. On the occasion of some dude marrying some lady in a national park in Berkshire
  2. German federal election, 2017
  3. Kate Tempest, “Europe is Lost”
  4. “This land is not the sweet home that it looks”
  5. Sweet Pussy Pauline, “Work This Pussy” (a cappella)
  6. ‘Banned by the land of their birth / Rhine refused them’
  7. Tag Der Deutschen Einheit: Kinderhymne
  8. Robert Watson, The Greeter
  9. Juxtaposition: Hopkins, Newsom
  10. Friedrich Hölderlin, “Brod und Wein”
  11. And did those feet in ancient time
Links Musical interludes
  1. Elvis Presley – “Run On”
  2. Gaudete
  3. Ennio Morricone, “Sixty Seconds to What?”
  4. RIP Nikolaus Harnoncourt
  5. Stan Rogers, “White Collar Holler”
  6. “Christmas is now drawing near at hand”
  7. “Napoleon Crossing the Rhine”
  8. Martina McBride, Independence Day
  9. RIP Pete Seeger
  10. “Seht — wohin? — auf unsere Schuld”
  11. Blind Willie Johnson, “Dark was the night, cold was the ground”
  12. Nina Simone, Sinnerman
  13. Tina Turner, Proud Mary
  14. The Magnetic Fields, “The Desperate Things You Made Me Do”
  15. John Cage, 4′33″ (Death Metal cover)
Shorts Videos
  1. On the occasion of the first Human spacecraft exiting the Solar System
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