Ways in which a game of Super Hexagon is like a human life

  1. It is difficult, brief, and ends in death.
  2. No matter how good you are at it, death is the only possible ending.
  3. Immediately after one ends, another begins. They’re all kind of interchangeable.
  4. It’s especially easy to forget the short ones in which nothing much happens.
  5. Not everything that looks like a lesson is a lesson.
  6. It’s very easy to end it all with one poor choice.
  7. Praise is distracting, often fatally so.
  8. If you escape the jaws of death, don’t rest on your laurels: it’s coming for another bite.
  9. One fatal mistake is not excused by any amount of perfect performance up to that point.
  10. Some things are valuable lessons even if they don’t look like it.
  11. Authoritative female voices shout at you a lot more frequently during the early phase.
  12. In many ways, the music is the best part.
  13. If you make it to 60, well, that’s not too shabby, but it doesn’t make you king of anything. 
  14. After 60, the pressure to perform kind of ebbs.
  15. Everyone plays on hard mode.